rescue and recovery operations中文意思是什麼

rescue and recovery operations解釋

  • rescue: vt. 1. 救,援救,營救,救出(俘虜等)。2. 【法律】劫出(囚犯),奪回(沒收物)。3. 維護。n. 1. 援救,營救,救濟。2. 【法律】(囚犯的)劫出,(沒收物的)非法奪回。
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • recovery: n. 1. 重獲;復得;恢復,收回,回收。2. 還原,復原;痊癒;蘇生;矯正。3. 回縮。4. 填地。5. 【法律】勝訴。
  • operations: 操作設置

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  1. The five agreed that they would further study the possibility of strengthening confidence - building measures in the military field, promote cooperation between frontier departments, and jointly combat transnational crimes, stage joint exercises in preventing dangerous military activities, combating international terrorists and carrying out emergency rescue and disaster relief, share peace - keeping experiences and coordinate with each other in their peace - keeping operations

  2. Aircraft rescue and fire fighting operations

  3. Standard terminology relating to underwater search, rescue, and recovery activities

  4. The msar are very busy in autumn and winter, particularly on weekends, sundays and public holidays for the mountain rescue call - out operations

  5. Communications is everything, you cannot maintain a safe and effective rescue and recovery operation unless everyone that needs to can talk to each other and are understood