rescue transmitter中文意思是什麼

rescue transmitter解釋

  • rescue: vt. 1. 救,援救,營救,救出(俘虜等)。2. 【法律】劫出(囚犯),奪回(沒收物)。3. 維護。n. 1. 援救,營救,救濟。2. 【法律】(囚犯的)劫出,(沒收物的)非法奪回。
  • transmitter: n 傳送者;傳達者;寄交者;傳導物;遺傳者;【無線電】發送機;發射機;發報機;送話機,話筒;【火箭...

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  1. September 11, 2001 i ve called many nearby centers around washington d. c. and new york for emergency rescue action groups

  2. Currently we have 91 men power. equipped with all kinds of foam engines including 6 trucks of 3, 000 gallons, 2 trucks of 1, 500 gallons, 2 ea of providing 5, 000 gallons water s reservoir trucks, 1 ea 45 meters aerial ladder, in addition, we have one set of equipment on aircraft vacuation, a hoist truck and all kinds of rescue equipments

    現有人力九十一員,備有各型化學泡沫消防車3 , 000加侖六輛、 1 , 500加侖二輛、中繼水庫車5 , 000加侖二輛、 45公尺雲梯消防車一輛;另備有航機撤運裝備一組、吊掛車一輛、及各類搶救器材裝備。
  3. This kind cell phone consists of two parts : one is the armillary transmitter ( 話筒 ) can be wore on the wrist ; another is the finger ring like headphone ( 聽筒 ) can be wore on the same hand ' s finger

  4. Philippine president gloria arroyo has deployed the country ' s military for search, rescue and recovery efforts

  5. If you have the money to upgrade your air even further, get a signal transmitter and begin to build planetary assault carriers