resistant lining中文意思是什麼

resistant lining解釋

  • resistant: adj. 抵抗的;耐久的,穩定的。n. 抵抗者;有抵抗力的東西;防染劑,防腐劑。
  • lining: n. 1. (衣服等的)襯里,裡子;襯料。2. 〈古語〉內容。3. 裝襯里[襯套等]。4. 【機械工程】襯,襯套,套筒,襯墊;(汽機的)氣套。5. 【建築】隔板。

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  1. The roof is acid-resistant concrete and carries the acid distributor and its drive.

  2. Under suitable aerobic conditions, spores, which are highly resistant to disinfectants, heat, and desiccation may be produced.

  3. The welding performance of homemade wear - resistant cast steel has been studied base on the weldability tests, the repair welding procedures of wean - resistant cast steel ( abrasion - plates ) have been made up, the results show that satisfying repair welding quality can be attained with such welding conditions as the low hydrogenous alkalescent welding rod, preheating and slow cooling, strictly maintaining the interbedded temperature of 250 ~ 300 and controlling welding technique

    通過對其焊接性能的試驗研究,制定了該類鑄鋼件(磨耗板)的補焊工藝:低氫型堿性焊條,預熱與緩冷相結合的工藝措施,嚴格控制層間溫度( 250 ~ 300 )及焊接工藝規范,可獲得滿意的修復質量。
  4. Constructed of plush fabric, with a lining of dupont hytrel, this jacket is wind - resistant, water - proof and breathable and light yet warm enough to wear at winter activities. thoughtfully designed to allow sports - lovers to stay warm and dry in winter

    特別採用超細刷毛布做貼合處理,夾層採用美國杜邦纖維膜dupont hytrel ,既可擋寒風又具有排濕透氣功能,冬日活動時輕便保暖又不易濕透。
  5. To solve corrosion resistant alloy plate affixed lining construction methods to control the quality of construction of the pilot study on the basis of the development of china ' s first " corrosion resistant alloy sheet of stickers lining site construction norms, " and " corrosion resistance of stainless steel liner plate affixed at the scene construction quality control guide " and other technical specifications

    為解決耐蝕合金薄板貼襯施工方法、控制施工質量,在試驗研究的基礎上,制定了我國首部《耐蝕合金薄板貼襯現場施工工藝規范》 、 《耐蝕不銹鋼薄板貼襯現場施工質量控制指南》等技術規范。