resistant structure中文意思是什麼

resistant structure解釋

  • resistant: adj. 抵抗的;耐久的,穩定的。n. 抵抗者;有抵抗力的東西;防染劑,防腐劑。
  • structure: n. 1. 構造,結構;組織;石理,石紋。2. 建造物。3. 【化學】化學結構。4. 【心理學】(直接經驗中顯現的)結構性,整體性;整體結構。adj. -d ,-less adj.

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  1. The two specimens, which are designed as : main beam - pre - stress beam ? floor ? frame columniation assemble the space specimens. in order to checkout whether the code can be applied for the special structure systems, the structure of the specimens refer to the current gb50010 - 2002 concrete structure design code and gb50011 - 2001 seismic resistant code

    本文試件的各組成構件為:非預應力邊梁預應力梁板框架柱組合空間試件,各組成構件的構造參照了現行《 gb50010 - 2002混凝土結構設計規范》及《 gb50011 - 2001抗震規范》的有關規定,以檢驗規范及設計條例能否適用於該特殊結構形式。
  2. 6. balsamo : origin of south america. wooden features : density 0. 78 - 0. 95g cm3 ; strong flavor, slightly bitter flavor, the flavor ; wood staggered texture, structure and detailed and uniform, wood heavy, high strength, wear - resistant, anti - termite can antibacterial pests, sapwood reddish - brown to red - brown, with light - colored stripes. 7. awoura : origin of africa

    木材特徵:氣甘密度0 . 78 - 0 . 95g cm3木材光澤強滋味微苦具香味木材紋理交錯,結構甚細而均木材重強度高耐磨抗蟻性強能抗菌蟲害心材紅褐色至紫紅褐色,具淺色條紋。
  3. The composition, microstructure, properties and application of abrasion resistant materials such as mn steel, low alloy steel, white cast iron have been introduced in details and the wear resistant structure steel material and casting composite materials and high b casting alloy have also been reviewed

  4. The use of high strength concrete in building constructions has many advantages, such as reducing sectional size of component evidently, alleviating the structure self weight and retrenchment the use of reinforcing steel bar, thus the economic benefit is distinct but the brittleness of high strength concrete causes anxious about its use in the earthquake - resistant structure

  5. And it works out the programs for the simulation of seismic resistant structure base on matlab, and analyses some calculating examples. from the examples it summarizes several methods and laws