restore original csys中文意思是什麼

restore original csys解釋

  • restore: vt 1 拿回原處,恢復原狀;復舊;恢復;復活,復興,再興(制度、習慣等),使復位,使復職,使復辟。2 ...
  • original: adj 1 原始的,固有的,本來的;最初的,初期的。2 原物的,原本的,原文的,原圖的。3 獨創的,創造性...
  • csys: 坐標系

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  1. According to the research of murai pigment, the experiential knowledge of artists and archeologists and some well - protected murals, synthetically applying chromatics, graphics, image processing and ai. murals can be virtually restored. virtual restoration is to restore some colorchanged, color - faded, or part - shedded murals to its original splendid appearance

  2. To restructure the basic principles of the civil mediation system, perfect the procedural rules, truly implement principles of self - willingness and judgement authority, so as to restore the original requirements of a mediation system. to implement a policy of limited case review, so as to maintain the effect of the mediation agreement, and the authority of a court mediation. meanwhile, to give the litigants certain subsidy rights, so as to achieve a balance between the litigation interests and private law interests

  3. Where the value of the mortgaged property has declined, the mortgagee shall be entitled to demand that the mortgagor restore the original value of the mortgaged property or provide security corresponding to the amount of the lost value

  4. Since read - only tablespace is never modified, simply restore the datafile to its original location shall do the job

    由於read - only表空間從未被修改,所以只需將數據文件恢復至其原始位置即可。
  5. Upon termination of a contract, a performance which has not been rendered is discharged ; if a performance has been rendered, a party may, in light of the degree of performance and the nature of the contract, require the other party to restore the subject matter to its original condition or otherwise remedy the situation, and is entitled to claim damages