retard power to idle中文意思是什麼

retard power to idle解釋

  • retard: vt 弄慢,延緩,延遲,使停滯,推遲;使耽誤,妨礙,阻止;【物、工】減速。 Lack of science and educa...
  • power: n 1 力,力量;能力;體力,精力;(生理)機能;〈常 pl 〉才能。2 勢力,權力,權限;威力;政權;權...
  • to: adv 到某種狀態;〈特指〉到停止狀態;關閉。 ★也常和動詞結合,略去其後賓語,而構成成語: The door i...
  • idle: adj 1 懶惰的,吊兒郎當的。2 空閑的;【機械工程】空轉的。3 沒用的,無益的,無效的;【物理學】無功...

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  1. The surface of the finished glass has the power to adsorb out of the resin mixture one or more constituent necessary for complete curing of the resin.

  2. Germany in particular used her air power to commit such experimental horrors as the bombing of the defenceless little township of guernica.

  3. Say the cayce records : " edgar cayce ' s mind is amendable to suggestion, the same as all other subconscious minds ; but in addition thereto, it has the power to interpret to the objective mind of others what it acquires from the subconscious minds of other individuals of the same kind

    凱西的解讀記錄寫道: "埃德加?凱西的頭腦可以接受提示,與所有其他潛意識頭腦一樣;但是,它具有獲取其他人的潛意識內容並轉譯給他們的有意識頭腦。
  4. Unlike edison ' s new york plant which used steam power to drive its generators, the appleton plant used the natural energy of the fox river

  5. The police have the power to demand a screening breath test from any driver who is involved in a traffic accident, or has committed a moving traffic offence, or is suspected of drink - driving