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  • rick: n. ,vt. 〈英國〉禾堆,乾草堆;堆成草堆。 rick barton 〈英國〉乾草堆積場。n. 〈英國〉=wrick.
  • roberts: n. 羅伯茨〈姓氏〉。

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  1. Dr roberts has worked on numerous key international scientific advisory and editorial boards, academies of medicine and grant review committees. these include the albert schweitzer academy of medicine, the nasa astrobiology programme, the oxford international biomedical centre and the international council of science

    Roberts博士曾參與多個國際科學顧問及編輯委員會、醫學院、撥款評審委員會的工作,包括史懷哲醫學院( albertschweitzeracademyofmedicine ) 、美國太空總署太空生物學計劃、牛津國際生物醫學中心和國際科學理事會。
  2. Rick brought his machine over to collins.

  3. Outraged, yes, but it took two years and german resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare in early 1917 ( which mr roberts strangely postpones to that september ) to bring america to war ? surely the longest reaction - time in the history of galvanism

  4. For more than a decade, roberts has owned a handful of apartments on gramercy park, a gated garden that is the only private park in the city

    不過,這並不會讓她在曼哈頓無家可歸,十幾年來,羅伯茨在紐約惟一的私人公園? ?葛蘭姆西公園內擁有多處公寓。
  5. Rick levin : no i have to admit i didn ' t