right-sided sequence中文意思是什麼

right-sided sequence解釋

  • right: adj 1 右,右方的,右側的,右派的 (opp left)。2 正當的,當然的 (opp wrong)。3 不錯的;正確的;...
  • sided: 雙面材質顯示
  • sequence: n 1 繼續;接續;連續。2 順序;程序;次第;關系;關聯。3 後果;結果;接著發生的事;後事;後文。4 ...

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  1. New china holds water 50 years to come, the educational enterprise of our country had huge development, but the reason as a result of many sided, the person that still has left and right sides of nearly 20 belongs to illiteracy or semiliterate

  2. One - sided autocorrelation sequence ; linear predictive coding ; cepstrum ; dynamic time warping

  3. Shortly after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography procedure, right - sided pneumothorax, subcutaneous, retroperitoneal, and mediastinal emphysema were noted

  4. 4, an intron sequence was also inserted upstream of gfpmut3 and its six reading frame could all be stopped, which could guarantee gfp translation in right reading frame

    將藍色熒光蛋白基因bfp克隆到pet - 11c上,轉化bl21 ( de3 )后實現了bfp在大腸桿菌中的誘導表達。
  5. 5 mins - ljungberg has another shot at jones ' goal, this time from a more familiar right - sided position, but again jones saves well before the ball is cleared upfield by the boro ' defence