rio araza中文意思是什麼

rio araza解釋

  • rio: 巴西共和國的舊首都

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  1. You ' ll find this city at about 2 / 3 of the way from brasilia to rio

    你就會發現這個城市的約2 / 3的方式,從巴西利亞里約熱內盧了
  2. As in rio, the highlight of the trinidad carnival is the parade of masqueraders in their brightly coloured costumes.

  3. But my thoughts were a little suspended, when i had a serious discourse with the spaniard, and when i understood that there were sixteen more of his countrymen and portuguese, who having been cast away, and made their escape to that side, liv d there at peace indeed with the savages, but were very sore put to it for necessaries, and indeed for life : i ask d him all the particulars of their voyage, and found they were a spanish ship bound from the rio de la plata to the havana, being directed to leave their loading there, which was chiefly hides and silver, and to bring back what european goods they could meet with there ; that they had five portuguese seamen on board, who they took out of another wreck ; that five of their own men were drowned when the first ship was lost, and that these escaped thro infinite dangers and hazards, and arriv d almost starv d on the cannibal coast, where they expected to have been devour d every moment

  4. Rio de janeiro ' s famed christ the redeemer statue is hit by lightening in a thunderstorm

  5. During the carnival of rio de janeiro in brazil,