road sister中文意思是什麼

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  • road: n 1 路,道路;街〈略 Rd 〉;公路;行車道;路程,行程。2 〈美國〉鐵路。3 方法,手段,辦法;(走向...
  • sister: n 1 姊,妹。2 情同手足的女子;女同事,女夥伴,女同學,女社友,女會友。3 〈英國〉護士長;(一般)...

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  1. Aberdeen tung sing road : wan chai johnston road

  2. After acquiring the land for the hsinchu station, the following public construction projects will be conducted : transportation system such as road engineering, sidewalk and accommodation road, land preparation, sewerage system, foul sewer, common duct and landscaping

  3. Introduction : rabbit brother and sister to the water, the game is very simple to operate, the key to escape various obstacles, the space bar to jump over obstacles pay attention to the road can be collected treasures

  4. Initial enquiries revealed that at about 9. 10 am today ( january 12 ) a 23 - year - old woman who is the younger sister of the 26 - year - old woman reported to police that her brother - in - law, the 30 - year - old man, phoned her saying that he would push his wife down from their flat in avon park, yat ming road, fanling

  5. She was able to raise show horses, going on the road with her brother and sister in law as they traveled the country in their dance with horse shows