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  • rock: n 1 巖,巖石,磐石,巖壁;卵石;〈常 pl 〉〈美口〉石子兒;暗礁,巖礁。2 〈the R 〉直布羅陀 (Gibr...
  • singer: n. 1. 辛格〈姓氏〉。2. I. M. Singer 辛格〈1811-1875,美國發明家〉。n. 歌手;鳴禽;詩人。n. (屠宰場的)燎毛工人;燎毛器,燎發器。

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  1. New zealand opera star dame kiri te kanawa, who refused to perform with an australian singer because his female fans threw underwear at him, on wednesday won a lawsuit against her for pulling out of the concert. the new zealand soprano pulled out of a series of concerts with australian rock singer john farnham in 2005 after watching a dvd in which female fans threw underwear at him on stage

  2. Q : i recently saw the movie about the tragic life of rock and roll singer, tina turner, " what s love got to do with it ? " and they opened the movie with a buddhist saying, which i can only paraphrase now, about the most beautiful lotus flower finds a way to grow through the thickest mud. do you believe that there is some merit or something to be said for struggle, suffering and tragedy

  3. Wandering throug the great wall, the imperial palace, the tienanmen square as well as the chic embassy districts are our three main characters : yang yin, a starry - eyed dance girl in search of love ; ping lu, an impetuous beijing rock and roll singer in search of recognilion ; and michael, a hong kong born and overseas - educated composer in search of himself. . .

    在香港長大並在外國受教育的創作樂手michael ,因一次事故滯留北京,遇上從別省來到這個中國首都碰運氣的搖滾樂手平路,及反叛又深情的艷舞女郎楊穎。三個背景完全不同的年青人,不由自主的互相吸引著。
  4. Baiyu, rock singer, is the lead vocal of xiaoming is a robot

    流浪搖滾歌手, 「小民是個機器人」樂隊主唱。
  5. A concert extravaganza was broadcast worldwide on saturday night, featuring american rock star tina turner and british - born singer - actress olivia newton - john