rough timber中文意思是什麼

rough timber解釋

  • rough: adj 1 粗糙的 (opp smooth); 凹凸的,崎嶇不平的 (opp level)。2 粗毛的,多毛的,蓬亂的(頭發)。...
  • timber: n 1 原木,木材,木料。2 (可作木材的)樹木;森林;〈美國〉森林地,林場。3 橫木,棟木;【造船】船...

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  1. They are adapted for rough, heavy service.

  2. As a rough guide it can be generally stated that for each 1p spent on an admixture then approximately 4-5p worth of cement can be saved.

  3. He led an adventuresome, rough - and - tumble life

    (他過著充滿冒險、混亂的生活。 )
  4. Mountains and ridges of rough lava are furrowed with narrow valleys of alkaline soil sheltering a few grasses and shrubs

  5. And he must have a fire in the middle of summer ; and joseph s bacca pipe is poison ; and he must always have sweets and dainties, and always milk, milk for ever - heeding naught how the rest of us are pinched in winter ; and there he ll sit, wrapped in his furred cloak in his chair by the fire, some toast and water or other slop on the hob to sip at ; and if hareton, for pity, comes to amuse him - hareton is not bad - natured, though he s rough - they re sure to part, one swearing and the other crying