round sides中文意思是什麼

round sides解釋

  • round: adj 1 圓形的;球形的;圓筒形的;弧形的,半圓(形)的。2 兜圈子的,一周的;來回的。3 完全的;十足...
  • sides: 兩邊的頭發

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  1. The round shaped things on the sides are caiied testes

  2. Some round barns are not truly circular. they just look that way but really are many flat sides put together

  3. When i was got through the strait, i found the roof rose higher up, i believe near twenty foot ; but never was such a glorious sight seen in the island, i dare say, as it was, to look round the sides and roof of this vault, or cave ; the walls reflected 100 thousand lights to me from my two candles ; what it was in rock, whether diamonds, or any other precious stones, or gold, which i rather suppos d it to be, i knew not

  4. Begin from 1984, the " that chooses to actor or actress beautiful student enters college study from inside graduate of this year ' s high school directly recommends unripe " is insufficient to system of active the university entrance exam complement, recruit every year recommend give birth to 20000 people left and right sides, implement the educational policy of the party in the round to the school, body of stimulative student de zhi went to positive effect since full - scale development

  5. The air is trapped beneath by a metal lining round the lower sides of the craft