routine urinalysis中文意思是什麼

routine urinalysis解釋

  • routine: n 例行公事,日常工作;常規;慣例;程序。 the day s routine=daily routine 日常工作。 He can only ...
  • urinalysis: n. (pl. -ses ) 【醫學】尿分析(法)。

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  1. Our boss make routine inspections to every company, and aviso operation instance to employees and hear concerned things of employees

  2. As soon as he left janice began the beautifying routine that she had skipped for byron's visit.

  3. Urinalysis and complete blood count should be done on all patients suspected of having surgical infection.

  4. As to the high speed of electric spindle system, the angle - contact bearings are usually applied to supporting the shafts. because the supporting stiffness of rolling bearing is non - linear, especially under the circumstances of high speed and ultrahigh speed, the internal working status is so complicated that it is not regarded as routine linear support and ordinary non - linear support. centrifugal effect of the rolling bearing increase the factors of influencing the supporting stiffness

  5. He would not chafe at the absence of routine chores.