royal white中文意思是什麼

royal white解釋

  • royal: adj 1 王的,女王的,王室的。 〈R 〉(英國)皇家的。2 受王保護的,敕立的,敕許的,敕定的。3 像王的...
  • white: n 懷特〈姓氏〉。adj 1 白(色)的,雪白的;白晰的,帶白色的;蒼白的。2 白種人的。3 銀制的;白衣的...

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  1. Sayako, 36, wearing a simple western - style long white dress and a single - strand pearl necklace, climbed into the black prince royal limousine as formally - dressed royal minders bowed deeply and clapped

  2. Royal blue 皇室 藍 : deep dark grain - flower - blue without other colour portions. the ventrals may have white or black peaks

  3. Pte johnson beharry vc the first living recipient of the victoria cross since 1965 has joined forces with the royal british legion to launch the nations biggest thank you campaign, onboard the hms albion. the launch saw the unravelling of a gigantic victory flag which cascaded down the iconic white cliffs of dover emblazoned with the word thanks

    維多利亞十字勛章獲得者、列兵約翰遜比哈瑞(自從1965年以來第一個活著接受該勛章的人)已經與英國皇家軍團一起,在英國皇家海軍「阿爾比恩」號艦( albion )上開始了「國家向你表示最大的感謝」的活動。
  4. To welcome the arrival of fall, an enchanting array of healthy asian drinks is now available at la fontana of royal plaza hotel. this heart - warming selection of tea is nourishing both to the mind and body : warm autumn korean ginger honey tea, sweetheart korean ginseng honey tea, rose garden rose tea with red date, princess aloe vera green tea with aloe vera, guava angel citron tea with guava juice and snow white almond tea with vanilla powder

  5. Description - perform illusions with disappearing animals and rare royal white tigers in a 25 - million theater designed especially for their show. allow 2 hours minimum