rst rigid synchronization tree中文意思是什麼

rst rigid synchronization tree解釋

  • rst: 儲層飽和度測井儀
  • rigid: adj 1 堅硬的,強直的,硬性的,僵硬的 (opp flexible elastic)。2 堅定的,固定不動的。3 嚴格的,嚴...
  • synchronization: n. 同時;同時性;【物理學】同步,同期;【電影】同期[步]錄音,配音譯制。
  • tree: n 特里〈姓氏〉。n 1 樹〈主要指喬木,也可指較大的灌木〉。 ★玫瑰可以稱為 bush 也可以稱為 tree 2 木...

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  1. This town's really ablaze like a christmas tree.

  2. The bullhorn acacia is not a tree of the dark windless depths of the tropical rain-forest.

  3. Adam and eve were created from an apple tree

  4. Study on afforest technology of several local tree species in inner mongolia

  5. The synchronization control algorithm for entity set in ciao ( collaborative immersive architectural layout ) is amended. within the amended algorithm, semi - optimistic locking mechanism in ciao is replaced by token mechanism, and receiver - reliable multicast based on the father node number is proposed to enhance robustness of system. entities and avatars in scene are organized the structure of tree

    西南交通大學博士研究生學位論文第11頁改進了ciao ( collaborativeimmersivearchitecturallayout )中實體組同步控制演算法,用令牌機制替換ciao中半樂觀鎖機制,並提出了基於父節點記錄的收端可靠多播演算法,即在每個實體的espdu ( entitystateprotocol ? dataunits )中增加父節點的節點號,接收端根據父節點的節點號調整本地場景樹的結構。