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  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  • streaming: n. 1. 流動。2. 【生物學】胞質環流。3. 〈主英〉學生編班制。4. 【計算機】(可使音頻視頻不用下載而快速為用戶所享受的)流動或接收法。
  • protocol: n 1 議定書;調查書,始末記。2 (條約等的)草案,草約;(羅馬教皇詔書等的)首尾程式。3 〈the P 〉 ...

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  1. Built upon the project designing voip terminal based on coldfire platform, my task is designing two protocol modules : the secure real - time transport protocol ( srtp ) and multimedia internet keying ( mikey ), and then implements them on target platform

    本課題是在「基於coldfire平臺的voip終端設計」項目背景下,設計並實現該項目中的兩個協議模塊:安全的實時傳輸協議srtp和多媒體網際網路的密鑰協議mikey 。
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  3. A real time control protocol for simplex applications using lsd hsd mlp channels of the fram structue for a 64to 1920kbit s channel in audiovisual teleservices

    採用視聽電信業務中64 1920kbit s通道幀結構的lsd hsd mlp通道單工應用的實時控制協議
  4. In the paper, some key techniques which are dealt with in the system implement have been discussed, such as the principle of video encoding and compressing, mpeg compressing standard, the principle of streaming media, realtime transport protocol ( rtf ), real - time transport control protocol ( rtcp ), real time streaming protocol ( rtsp ), the network architecture ; the technique of ethernet and the programming technique of realization of network communication, etc. based on the above key techniques, a simple, valid and inexpensive solution to rebuild existent traditional surveillance system is supplied in this dissertation

    本文分析了現有模擬監控系統的優缺點,重點討論了視頻編碼壓縮原理, mpeg壓縮標準,流媒體技術原理,實時傳輸協議rtp ,實時傳輸控制協議rtcp ,實時流協議rtsp ,網路體系結構,以太網技術和網路通信編程技術等系統實現過程中所涉及的關鍵技術。基於上述關鍵技術,本文提出了傳統視頻監控系統的數字化和網路化改造的一種簡單可行且成本低廉的解決方案。
  5. Rtsp real time streaming protocol