rubber biscuit中文意思是什麼

rubber biscuit解釋

  • rubber: n 1 摩擦者;磨者;摩擦物,磨光器;按摩師;(土耳其浴室的)擦背人;(洗澡用)毛巾。2 擦具;粗銼;...
  • biscuit: n. 1. 餅干〈美國叫 cracker〉;〈美國〉熱松餅。2. 餅干色,淡褐色。3. 本色陶[瓷]器,素坯。

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  1. They concluded that ozone attack on natural rubber was extensive and complex and could be related to the acetone extractables.

  2. Furthermore, we have established long - term stable relationship with several reliable factories, acting as their agent to provide and export magnetic materials including hard ferrite, smco magnet, alnico magnet and rubber magnet

  3. Abstract : the essay discusses the serious situations of water pollution from small tankers due to quality of rubber hoses during oil operations. it emphasizes on paying more attention to the supervision of hoses qulity, usage and management in accordance with the law and technologic specifications. which will be useful for deepening management of safety and antipollution

  4. Rubber, vulcanized - test method for artifical weathering carbon - arc lamp

  5. Close down autos and you close down steel and rubber.