rue gate中文意思是什麼

rue gate解釋

  • rue: n 〈古語〉悲嘆;悔恨;後悔。vt vi 悲嘆;後悔,懊悔,悔恨。 You shall rue it 你要後悔的。 rue the ...
  • gate: n 1 大門,扉,籬笆門,門扇。2 閘門;城門;洞門;隘口,峽道。3 【冶金】澆注道,澆口,切口;【無線...

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  1. Toll gate fee will be added on top of the taxi fare aforementioned

  2. At twelve o clock the mourning - coaches rolled into the paved court, and the rue du faubourg saint - honor was filled with a crowd of idlers, equally pleased to witness the festivities or the mourning of the rich, and who rush with the same avidity to a funeral procession as to the marriage of a duchess

  3. We start out our tour with a visit to piazza michelangelo, and then follow the river arno to the piazza signoria and the medieval city hall, onto the multi - colored marble grand cathedral - duomo, with the giotto campanile and the magnificent east door of the baptistery known as the gate of paradise. after lunch, drive southward to the medieval city - state of siena

  4. He lodged in the rue bergere close by

  5. Another blare of trumpets signaled that the limousine carrying brezhnev had entered the southwest gate.