runner end cover中文意思是什麼

runner end cover解釋

  • runner: n 1 跑的人;賽跑者;交通員;通訊員,情報員;使者;(銀行等的)收款員;善跑的馬;乘用馬;賽跑馬。2...
  • end: n 1 端,尖,末端,終點。2 邊緣;極點,極限。3 結局,結果。4 目的。5 最後,死。6 【紡織;印染】經...
  • cover: vt 1 覆蓋,遮蔽,包裹;戴帽子;包庇,隱蔽,掩蓋;滅跡,(用紙)表(墻)。2 孵(小雞);(種馬)交...

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  1. The saga does not end there, however, because openafs spawned other distributed file systems like coda and arla, which i cover later

    但是,故事並未就此結束,因為openafs衍生了其他的分散式文件系統,如coda和arla ,這些我將在後面談到。
  2. Then, one day in school, at the end of april, a friend of mine gave me a little green book. it said " the key of immediate enlightenment " on the cover, and it mentioned the quan yin method of meditation, and also that it was the best method of all

  3. Air cooler of air compressor, end cover opened, waterside surface cleaned with brush

  4. Do the following tasks at the end of the day clean your typewriter clean your desktop of papers cover office machines

  5. She ran with long gandery strides it was a wonder she didn t rip up her skirt at the side that was too tight on her because there was a lot of the tomboy about cissy caffrey and she was a forward piece whenever she thought she had a good opportunity to show off and just because she was a good runner she ran like that so that he could see all the end of her petticoat running and her skinny shanks up as far as possible