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  • rural: adj 鄉下的,農村(風味)的 (opp urban); 地方的;農業的。 rural life 農村生活。 a rural district...
  • credit: n 1 信用,信任。2 名譽,名望,聲望。3 贊揚,稱許;光榮,功勞,勛績,榮譽。4 信貸;賒銷;貸款;存...
  • unions: 層群

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  1. Briefly on rough progress of rural credit cooperative reform in the changes of compulsory system

  2. Discussions on strengthening debt - offsetting assets management in rural credit cooperatives

  3. To maintain at all times an active programme of credit union education and to maintain relation with other registered credit unions aimed to promote the best interests of the credit union, and of the credit union movement

  4. So the contradiction of the supply and demand of the agricultural fund is prominent. chinese rural credit communes have become semi - stated financial organization after they deviated from their collaborative principles under the control of government. they cannot fulfill the financial demand of farmers with their poor management and low efficiency although farmers have thirsty will to cooperate with each other in financial aspect

  5. Among these institutions, the big four commercial banks ( icbc, boc, ccb and abc ), joint - stock banks, urban commercial banks, rural credit unions, rural commercial banks, foreign banks and post saving institutions have launched the competition for this “ cake of bank market ”