rural township中文意思是什麼

rural township解釋

  • rural: adj 鄉下的,農村(風味)的 (opp urban); 地方的;農業的。 rural life 農村生活。 a rural district...
  • township: 測區

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  1. As the lunar new year approached, members of the supreme master ching hai international association distributed new year s gift money in loving concern for destitute households in hsinchih village, wanluan rural township, pingtung county

  2. Apart from taiwan highway 3, the only roads into dapu rural township are twisting, narrow routes - one to the aboriginal settlement of chashan in alishan rural township, another to pinglin and then nanhua reservoir in tainan county - and the road from tainan county to zengwun dam

  3. Fish farms and rice paddies cover a large percentage of yijhu rural township s land area, and many of the residents - who number fewer than 20, 000 - are engaged in food production

  4. On the eve of the mid - autumn festival, the kaoping center delivered 180 boxes of moon cakes, lovingly prepared by local fellow practitioners, to the administrative office of hsinchih village chief wang in wanluan rural township. fellow initiates and mr. wang personally delivered the moon cakes to elderly people above seventy years of age, and expressed concern about their daily life

  5. Sikou means " river mouth, " and this rural township gets it name from the confluence of two rivers, which later combine with other streams to form the all - important beigang river. it s an agricultural district, and as the importance of farming to taiwan s economy declines, the population continues to fall. deserted homesteads - some of considerable architectural value - can be found in every settlement

    溪口鄉位於嘉義縣北端,毗鄰雲林縣大埤鄉,南與新港鄉、民雄鄉及大林鎮相鄰,是嘉義縣18鄉鎮市當中面積最狹小的,全鄉總面積有3220公頃,耕地面積佔了2473公頃,是典型農業鄉鎮,目前總人口約17 , 000人。