s-dproneness checklist中文意思是什麼

s-dproneness checklist解釋

  • s:
  • checklist: 〈美國〉(核對用)清單;(特指選舉人的)名單;調查表。

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  1. Uses inspection moderator ' s checklist as a work aid

  2. For example, the dsm diagnostic changes emphasize symptom checklist approaches to psychiatric diagnosis ; neuroscience and psychopharmacology gains emphasize somatic interventions ; delivery system changes, and inadequate availability of psychiatrists, diminish attention to the psychological aspects of the patient ' s presentation and treatment

    舉例說, dsm診斷的變化強調用癥狀量表來作精神科診斷;神經科學和精神藥理的發展強調了軀體的干預;傳遞系統的變化,以及不充足的精神科醫生,使得對病人表現以及治療的心理側面的重視減少。
  3. Whether it ' s a formal, detailed document or an informal checklist of action steps, it ' s crucial to have a crisis management plan in place when emergencies arise

  4. Safety of laser products - manufacturer ' s checklist for radiation safety of laser products

  5. On gender mainstreaming, or incorporating women s perspectives in the policy making process, the commission will introduce its analytical tool, which is in the form of a checklist, into a number of policy areas