S. A. A. =small arms ammunition 輕兵器彈藥,輕武器彈藥。


    1. Mr tadic responds that, whatever happens in kosovo, serbia has no choice but to sign the saa

    2. 3. a modern combination algorithm saa ( simulated annealing algorithm ) is applied in area minimization algorithms

      3 .將現代組合優化演算法模擬退火演算法應用於面積優化演算法中,取得了較好的效果。
    3. The psib has also obtained agreement from iso, bsi, saa and din to make photocopies of their standards for sale in hong kong

      同時,本組獲得iso 、 bsi 、 saa及din四個標準化團體授權,可以在香港本地發售其標準的復印本。
    4. 5. in the background of the design and implementation of network management system for the local network of china mobile, we have analyzed and designed detailedly the key technique, approach and software architecture of a practical network management system based on starbus, which use mhnm architecture, the scheme of managed objects arrangement, saa, gpa and practical skills achieved when we developed china post and china broadcast and tv network management systems. in the end, we summarize the main achievement of this paper and state some further work in the future

      5 .以中國移動通信網本地網網管系統設計為背景,以我們先後開發中國移動通信網本地網網管系統、廣電有線電視傳輸網網管系統和郵政網網管系統的實踐為基礎,結合多級網路管理體系結構ml江nm 、管理信息的組織策略、提取管理信息的自適應演算法saa和組預取演算法gpa ,在基於corba的分佈計算軟體平臺starbus上,詳細分析了基於corba技術實現實用的異構網管系統集成管理的關鍵技術、途徑和軟體結構。
    5. In spite of these advantages, we should concentrate on how to extend the representation of modes, how to apply to unstructured grids, etc. and when combining pod and saa, it is necessary to know how to represent the shape and how to control the range of seeking and iteration number