sabkhat as safi中文意思是什麼

sabkhat as safi解釋

  • as: adv (同…)一樣…;同樣〈在此是指 as… as… 結構中的第一個 as 它在主句中為指示副詞,第二個 as (在子...
  • safi: 薩菲

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  1. We will investigate seven enigmatic creatures ? the serval, aardvark, pangolin, genet, african wildcat, civet and porcupine ? as they furtively go about their top - secret activities

    金庸小說中有江南七怪,非洲狩獵冊上一樣有七怪, ?們是難得一見的非洲動物土豚、穿山甲、 ? 、非洲豹、麝貓、豪豬、藪貓,有些可能連名字也鮮有聽聞。
  2. As if military intelligence were not euphemism enough, it is abbreviated to mi.

  3. I had to go over the whole proposal twice, and word it as plainly as abc before she would fully take it in.

  4. Abdicate my role as princess of genovia

  5. The first chapter, to clarify the conception of the " crossing situation ", focuses on expounding the definition and the classification of the " crossing situation ", including the definition of the " power - driven vessel ", " course crossing ", and " so as to involve risk of collision ", the classification of the pattern for the crossing situation as well, meanwhile, the thesis puts forward the general division for the " crossing situation " : such as small angle " crossing situation ", abeam " crossing situation ", and large angle " crossing situation "

    第一篇主要論述「交叉相遇局面」的定義和分類,包括對「機動船」 、 「航向交叉」 、 「致有構成碰撞危險」這三者的定義和交叉相遇局面的分類,使「交叉相遇局面」在概念上有一個清晰的定義,同時明確地給出了交叉相遇局面三種交叉態勢的一般劃分:小角度交叉、正橫交叉、大角度交叉。