safri duo中文意思是什麼

safri duo解釋

  • safri: 薩夫利
  • duo: n. (pl. duos, dui )1. 【音樂】二重唱,二重奏。2. (演員的)一對。

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  1. Handsome duo with incredible charm and technique

  2. Well, i shall be leaving it to my dynamic duo

  3. The changing of ploughland and analysis of problemof duo lun county on agriculture - animal husbandry ecotone

  4. " bills, bills, bills " was cowritten, in part, by destiny s child s beyonce knowles and kelly rowland and kandi burruss of xscape. destiny s child was awarded the coveted naacp image award in the outstanding duo or group category for the writing s on the wall. destiny s child s videos have become mainstays on mtv and vh1, who featured the group on " divas 2000 : a tribute to diana ross.

    2000年一開春, destiny s child便經歷了團員的變動,原來的latavia與letoya更換為18歲的farrah franklin以及19歲的michelle williams ,其中18歲的farrah franklin又在不到半年後離開,但destiny s child在beyonce knowles及kelly rowland這兩位樂團原創始者及靈魂人物的領導下,不但絲毫不受影響,反而成績更加突飛猛進。
  5. Featuring dj sam ribet, percussionists gabbard, victor geronimo, de kai, and the salsa duo john narvaez and liz rojas from salsamania, this party will give you a taste of what the actual

    派對的dj sam敲擊樂手gabbard victor geronimo及de kai ,還有來自美國的拉丁舞拍檔john narvaez和liz rojas等,燃點你的音樂和舞蹈細胞。