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  • sag: vi ( gg )1 (橋、梁等)陷下,壓彎;(門)成一邊高一邊低狀;(蠟燭等)彎曲;(繩、天花板等)鬆弛...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • roof: n 1 屋頂,房屋;家屋。2 (放行李的)車頂;笠形罩。3 上頜。4 最高部,頂部;【礦物】頂板。5 【航空...

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  1. The joints investigation of mined - out areas shows that structure surface is dominative factor of roof stability of mined - out area in jiaguo mine

  2. By analyzing and predicting the microclimate in greenhouse in typical weathers, the conclusions are that high temperature with low humidity weather and high temperature with high humidity appear one after the other. the measures are proposed as the followings : to the former, it should be taken to decrease the temperature with soppy shade - fan or spray inside or outside ; to the latter, it should be taken to enlarge the ventilation area, to fit spray apparatus at the top of roof outside, to adopt havelock outside instead inside, to coat the roof white, etc

  3. Fractals forecast of roof weighing in stope

  4. Several analysis methods such as casting slice, scanning electron microscope, porosity and permeability data, mercury injection data and density of fissures are used to study the reservoir properties of volcanic rocks in huang - yu - re area, the east sag of liaohe basin. volcanic rocks in this area are mainly composed of basalt, diabase, tuff and trachyte. the dominating type of volcanic reservoir space includes secondary solution pores and structural fissures

  5. According to roof safety factor of 1. 2 for the mined - out area, minimum safety roof thickness at different rock in various span mined - out area was calculated by flac software, which transfixion of plastic zone was taken as criteria of roof breakage by using strength reduction technology and dichotomy theory

    摘要利用強度折減技術和二分法原理,以塑性區的貫通作為頂板破壞的標準,當采空區頂板的安全系數等於1 . 2時,利用flac軟體計算得出各種跨度空區在不同巖層中的最小安全頂板厚度。