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  • sandy: adj ( ier; iest)1 沙的,沙質的,多沙的。2 沙狀的,(頭發等)沙色的。3 (感覺等)粗澀的。4 不穩...
  • on: adv 1 〈接觸、覆蓋〉上去;開(opp off)。 turn on the light [radio water gas] 開電燈[收音機、自來...
  • garment: n 1 衣服,(尤指)外衣;外套;長袍。2 〈pl 〉 服裝,衣著。3 外觀,外表;(物件的)包皮。vt 穿〈主用...
  • surface: n 1 表面;地面;水面;廣場,空地。2 外觀,外表,皮毛。3 【幾】面;切口;【航空】翼面。adj 表面的...

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  1. They would not be likely to alight on the surface of the sea.

  2. Both calcium and phosphorus on the surface layer induced the precipitation of apatite on titanium

  3. Sample ' s analyses and tests in laboratory, this thesis makes a detailed research on holocene deposits characteristics of mu us desert, especially on characteristics of grain size composition, which break through previous description of determining the nature and gain a series of number indexes. at the same time, this thesis has also researched arenaceous source on every part of mu us. firstly mu us desert ' s forming process is deeply influenced by the east asian monsoon, the grain size gradually becomes smaller, while the magnetic susceptibility becomes larger from northwest to southeast this phenomenon not only appears on the surface of mu us, but also obviously reflects on the same layer of different places

    根據大量野外詳細考察和室內樣品分析與測試,本文對毛烏素沙地全新世地層沉積特徵做了細致的探討,尤其對區域地層的粒度組成特徵做了進一步的研究,突破了以往的定性描述,得出了一系列量化指標;結合野外的考察工作,對其不同地區的沙質來源做了詳細分析,主要得出以下結論: 1 、毛烏素沙地形成過程深受東亞季風影響,粒度自西北向東南逐漸變細、磁化率值逐漸變大。
  4. The bacilliform cell penetrate into interior of the fibre to degrade the cellulose strongly and produced a mass of sticky polysaccharides. after cultured 48 hours, the bacilliform cell ' s surface of sporocytophaga have a great change. at this stage the bacilliform produce a lot of sticky polysaccharides. these sticky polysaccharides associated with the sites where the filter paper was decomposed intensively and form thorns on the surface of the bacillium. at the same time, the filter - paper weight loss is the greatest and decomposing rate is the fastest, so we think that the sticky polysaccharides are produced during the cellulose degradation

  5. The paper presents the geometry method of transformation between 2d pattern and garment surface based on the principle of designing developable surface according to requirement. the data of characteristic curve of body model and 2d pattern are measured. 2d pattern is obtained by draping cutting on the body model. in this way, the developable garment surface is designed based on 2d pattern