sanitation and antiepidemic station中文意思是什麼

sanitation and antiepidemic station解釋

  • sanitation: n. 1. 公共衛生,環境衛生。2. 衛生設備,(尤指)下水道設備,衛生狀況改善。
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • station: n 1 站,臺,車站;航空站,機場。2 派出所;署,局,所。3 【無線電】電臺,電視臺。 4 駐地,部戍地,...

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  1. Single and multiple station carbon monoxide alarms

  2. Same day return tickets are valid only on the date of issue and are station - specific

  3. The products feature advanced technology, high reliability and excellent function, especially extensive application, such as atm remote monitoring, traffic management, expressway, subway and railway station security system, intelligential community, intelligential furniture, factory and building surveillance, pipeline scada, small - size commercial firms, multiple shops, unmanned machine room monitoring, environment monitoring system

    該產品先進,安全性高,功能齊全,應用領域廣泛,例如:銀行atm監控,交通監控,高速公路,地鐵或列車車站,智能小區,智能家居,工廠和辦公大樓,管線scada ,小型商家和公司行號,連鎖商店,無人機房監控和環境監控系統等。
  4. They conducted a field visit to juncheng pig farm in qiuxi township, a large pig farm in our county, shuangfengsi village in shunhechang township, a model well - off village, the animal rearing and veterinary station, the artificial insemination station and some households engaging in pig rearing in mingxinsi township, fuyuan meat co., ltd., zhencheng feed co., ltd., the pig rearing association, the southern county wholesale market in zizhong county and the designated pig - slaughtering operation in shuinan township

  5. Major projects recently secured by the group include shanghai cimc reefers containers, dongguan municipal government quarter, hangzhou theatre, mongkok bird street re - development project, hong kong science park and kowloon station phase iv