sanitation cutting中文意思是什麼

sanitation cutting解釋

  • sanitation: n. 1. 公共衛生,環境衛生。2. 衛生設備,(尤指)下水道設備,衛生狀況改善。
  • cutting: n 1 切斷,切下;切片;【園藝】扦插,插條;〈英國〉剪裁,(報紙等的)剪輯;(寶石等的)加工,琢磨...

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  1. Manufacturing aciform wollastonite powder by new type of cutting - rubbing mill

  2. "bless you! don't make such ado about it, " said margret, cutting short mary's thanks.

  3. If one delays cutting till an advanced state of maturity, aftermath growth will be slow.

  4. For protective female worker healthy, law set the labor range that female worker prohibits be engaged in, unit of choose and employ persons must not arrange female worker to be engaged in the following these law prohibit the labor that female worker is engaged in : ( 1 ) course of study of mine well dirty ; ( 2 ) silvan industry cutting, put in arris and banish exercise ' s charge ; ( 3 ) " physical labor intensity classifications " the 4th class in the standard the exercise of physical labor intensity ; ( 4 ) the assembly of bldg. scaffold and remove operation, and the altitude wiring of electric power, telegraphic industry works ; ( 5 ) load continuously ( point to load the frequency is in 6 times hourly above ) load every time more than 20 kilograms, discontinuous load load every time more than 25 kilograms exercise

    為了保護女職工的身體健康,法律規定了女職工禁止從事的勞動范圍,用人單位不得安排女職工從事以下這些法律禁止女職工從事的勞動: ( 1 )礦山井下作業; ( 2 )森林業伐木、歸楞及流放作業; ( 3 ) 《體力勞動強度分級》標準中第四級體力勞動強度的作業; ( 4 )建築業腳手架的組裝和拆除作業,以及電力、電信行業的高處架線作業; ( 5 )連續負重(指每小時負重次數在6次以上)每次負重超過20公斤,間斷負重每次負重超過25公斤的作業。
  5. The general, whose regiment had been inspected at braunau, submitted to the prince that as soon as the engagement began, he had fallen back from the copse, mustered the men who were cutting wood, and letting them pass by him, had made a bayonet charge with two battalions and repulsed the french