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  • sanitation: n. 1. 公共衛生,環境衛生。2. 衛生設備,(尤指)下水道設備,衛生狀況改善。
  • technologies: 備選生產技術

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  1. With the conversion of medicine mode ( biology - society - psychology ), the task of sanitation had turn more definitude it makes use of information of agendum in the regional health to study public health

  2. Today, qsox has already developed become fiber fabric air distribution system manufacturing leader enterprise, and as it long - term accumulate ' s experience at make airiness wait for aspect ' s professional knowledge for basis, adopts many kinds technologies, make accomplish " circulation pattern society " become maybe

    今天, qsox (優值索斯? )已發展成為纖維織物空氣分佈系統製造業領導企業,並以其長期積累的經驗在通風等方面的專業知識為基礎,採用多種技術,使實現「循環型社會」成為可能。
  3. For use of plant - cultivating, testing planting, cultivation of bacteria breeds and animalcules and water analysis in scientific research institution of medicine, sanitation and epidemic prevention, pharmaceutical inspection, agricultre and stock - breeding and aquiculture, etc

  4. This paper describes the function of oscilloscope, the possibility and the combination with avometer in examining and repairing color tv in the view of the emerge of new technologies, new circuits and new types and also points out the significance of the examination and repair of tv with " oscilloscope plus avometer "

  5. The research of base band ijf coding and modulation technologies