santa fe de minas中文意思是什麼

santa fe de minas解釋

  • santa: n. 〈Sp. , It. 〉 =Saint.
  • fe: FE = Far East. Fe = 【化學】 〈拉丁語〉 ferrum (= iron) 元素鐵的符號。
  • de: DE = destroyer escort 護航驅逐艦。de1〈拉丁語〉 = down from from off de facto 事實上(的)。 de...
  • minas: 礦業

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  1. Scenarios were used in the recent 2050 project undertaken by the world resources institute, the brookings institution, and the santa fe institute

    幾種發展趨勢的分析被用在最近由世界資源學會、布魯金斯學會及聖達非學院共同承擔的" 2050計劃"中。
  2. First, two initiates from brazil traveled to argentinas capital buenos aires, with precise instructions from master to assess the situation in santa fe

  3. Towards the end of april 2003, on the other side of the planet from india, the rain god sent roaring waters down on argentina. in just a few hours, most parts of the country s salado river overflowed, flooding one third of the towns and villages in santa fe province

    2003年4月底,在地球的另一個角落,雨神威赫,洪水洶洶,短短幾小時內,阿根廷的薩拉多河即潰決千里,造成聖大非省santa fe三分之一的城鎮泛濫成災。
  4. At the end of april, 2003, one of the worst floods in over 500 years struck the province of santa fe, argentina

    2003年4月底,阿根廷聖塔非省santa fe遭逢五百多年來最嚴重的水患。
  5. More than two thousand metres above sea level, it ( santa fe ) lies in the sangre de cristo mountains with the ortiz mountains to the southeast