saturated core sample中文意思是什麼

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  • saturated: adj. 1. 飽和的。2. 充滿…了的。3. 浸透的,濕透的。4. (顏色)未被白色弄淡的。5. 〈美俚〉喝醉了的。
  • core: CORE =Congress of Racial Equality 〈美國〉爭取種族平等大會。n 1 果心。2 (事物、問題等的)中心,...
  • sample: n 1 樣品,貨樣。2 標本;榜樣,實例。3 【統計】典型取樣,抽檢查。4 【電訊】信號瞬時值。5 【冶金】 ...

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  1. In this sample, the core of euclid s algorithm is moved from the. c file to an. asm file, with the. c file calling into the. asm file

    在此示例中,歐幾里得演算法的核心從. c文件移到. asm文件,並且
  2. Our core business is the distribution of gc, lc, sample preparation, vials and syringes, chemical standards, lab supplies etc. related accessories and instruments

    此外,考慮到用戶的不同需求,我們還同時提供agilent 、 varian 、 shimadzu 、 pe 、 tsp等進口色譜儀的專用零配件及德國merck公司的眾多色譜分析產品和化學試劑。
  3. By recognizing the geologic characteristic of the area to the west of daqing placanticline and analyzing the core sample data, this paper indicates that the main factors affecting the log interpretation confirming rate are high mud and calcium content in the reservoirs, complicated pore structure and a lot of thin reservoirs

  4. Sampling method and quality requirment of core sample for core analysis

  5. Representive core sample