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  1. This paper aims at analyzing the causes that diversify peasants ' occupations, on the basis of the study of present situation of shui nationality in longma village of nandan county in guangxi

  2. Discovery of high - ree calcites in the dachang superlarge tin - polymetallic ore deposit, nandan, northwestern guangxi

  3. As china ' s second - largest oversize project after sanxia project, longtan hydropower project boasts a great consumption of such materials as cement, fly ash, steel products, and admixture, most of which are delivered to nandan material transfer station by railway and forwarded to the construction site by car

  4. Nandan material transfer station has a relatively small unloading capacity at preliminary stage, but it is able to satisfy the need of major materials for longtan hydropower project after modification and promotion, which ensures the smooth progress of construction and serves as a reference for the construction and operation of similar projects in the future

  5. Kali yuga is the last of four yugas - upon its conclusion, the world will ' reboot ' into a new satya yuga ( golden age )

    卡利年代是四個年代中最後一個年代? ?是終結,世界會「重新啟動」進入一個新的黃金時期。