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  • scattering: adj. 1. 分散在不同方向的,分散在不同范圍的。2. 廣泛擴散的。3. (選票)數量分散的,不集中的。n. 1. 散亂。2. 在媒介質中的散播。3. 【物理學】散射。adv. -ly
  • operator: n 1 操作者,機務員;司機,駕駛員;【軍事】電話兵;【電話】接線員,話務員(=telephone operator)...

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  1. Analyse of telecommunication operator constructing adsl network mode

  2. By two ways, this paper debates the theory of fracture detection : on one hand by the way of edge detection in image processing ; on the other hand by time series analysis. the detection by time series analysis is more antinoise than edge detection in image processing. edge detection theory in image processing mainly includes correlation data, fuzzy edge detection, entropy operator edge detection and gradient edge detection

  3. The works of this paper are mainly about the study for ultra wide - band ( uwb ) signal radiating - designing for effective uwb antenna, and uwb signal scattering - investigating of composite scattering for targets upon ground. firstly, the radiating characters of uwb signal and development of uwb antenna are discussed an uwb planar horn antenna is designed this antenna is characterized with u - balun, simple construction and perfect performance

    本文的研究是「九五」國防預研「超寬帶( uwb )雷達體制及關鍵技術研究」項目工作的一部分,主要包括兩方面內容:超寬帶信號的輻射-高效超寬帶天線的研製;超寬帶信號的散射-地表目標的復合散射研究。
  4. And clustering analysis uses mathematics " method to study and deal with the classification of the given data and the degree of benignity and scattering between every two clusters. it ' s a tool to analyze data under no hypothesis

  5. The operator should check with the supplier of his bin to determine recommendations concerning wall stiffeners.