scheduled effective date中文意思是什麼

scheduled effective date解釋

  • scheduled: 定期的
  • effective: adj 1 有效(力)的,靈驗的;顯眼的,〈美國〉生效的,被實施的;【軍事】有戰鬥力的。2 【經濟學】實...
  • date: n 1 日期。2 時期;時代,年代。3 〈美口〉(和異性的)約會;〈美俚〉約會的對象。4 〈口語〉同日;本...

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  1. The fourth section deals with the sequence of payment among different types of exemption rights. it is argued that different types of exemption rights, based on the security interest of the same quality, the earlier the registration or the effective date of contracts is, the earlier paid ; regarding the exemption rights of different quality, the preconsideration shall be satisfied before other security interests, with lien satisfied before hypothecation or mortgage ; where the lawfully registered hypothecation and mortgage coexist, the sequence of their establishment is the sequence of their payment ; where they are established at the same time, they shall be paid in proportion to the security credits respectively ; where unregistered hypothecation and mortgage coexist, the mortgagee shall be paid first

  2. When is the effective date of my new licence

  3. In accordance with the general conditions of contract, the contractor has the discretion to allocate resources according to his own programme provided that the scheduled completion date specified in the contract will not be compromised

  4. To minimise this pollution, sewer connections for some of the premises in the vicinity of the sam dip tam stream are in progress, and a public sewer for the catchment area of the pai min kok stream is being constructed in phases, with a scheduled completion date of 2009

  5. A notification of change of business particulars should be given within 1 month of the effective date of change