schematic profile中文意思是什麼

schematic profile解釋

  • schematic: adj. 1. 要領的;綱要的。 2. 圖解的,(按照)圖式[公式]的。n. 簡圖〈如電路圖〉。adv. -ically
  • profile: n 1 剖面,半面,(雕像等的)側面;側面像。2 外形,輪廓;外觀,形象;型;【航空】翼型,翼(剖)面...

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  1. ( man ) ' police say they are constructing a profile of a likely abductor. '

  2. After analyzing purple soil sampled from neijiang, leshan ofsichuan provinec and yuanmou of yunnan province, the contrast results of microbe quantity feature between surface and subsurface purple soil were obtained as follows. the content of soil organic matter, total and available nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium of surface was higher than subsurface, not relating to the type of purple soil and soil utilization way. the quantity of microbe _ bacteria, actinomyces and mould in surface purple soil was higher than subsurface, which indicated that the organic matter and airy condition in surface soil was more suitable for microbes growing. there was the same tendency in profile change of microbe quantity in purple soil located in temperate _ humid climate of sichuan basin in contrast with dry _ hot climate of yuanmou, yunnan. the nutrient situation of purple soil in sichuan basin shown that state of surface was better than subsurface, while in yuanmou of yunnan the state was on the contrary due to the degradation of surface soil

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