schnittgre cutting variable中文意思是什麼

schnittgre cutting variable解釋

  • cutting: n 1 切斷,切下;切片;【園藝】扦插,插條;〈英國〉剪裁,(報紙等的)剪輯;(寶石等的)加工,琢磨...
  • variable: adj 1 易變的,變化無常的,無定的 (opp constant steady)。2 可變的,能變的;變換的。3 【數學】變...

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  1. Manufacturing aciform wollastonite powder by new type of cutting - rubbing mill

  2. Using this method to dispose interference of output signal of sensing elements, the interference caused by fixed position heat source of constant and adagio variable temperature can be effectively eliminated in exterior

  3. To keep constant cutting angle and speed, a method with tool swinging and variable - speed of spindle is presented

  4. Based on the specialty of flexible processing enterprise, we designed and developed production planning system of processing err at last, a genetic algorithm based on variable length coding for the scroll cutting problem in production planning system is proposed

  5. This fuzzy controller can implement real - time regulation of the motor ' s rotational speed in light of the position error and its variable rate, therefore, the system can run in the direction of cutting down the position error with maximum speed when the system is under the condition of a higher position error. when the error is slight, the fuzzy controller also can reduce the motor ' s rotational speed gradually, thus the precision of the system will play a dominant role, which can create good conditions for an accurate stop when the position error diminished