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  • school: n 1 學校;〈美國〉(大學的)學部,學院;學系;校舍;講堂,教室。2 研究所,訓練所,養成所。3 〈不...
  • uniforms: 制服
  • definition: n. 1. 限定。2. 定義,界說。3. 明確。4. (透鏡的)明晰度。5. (收音機的)清晰度。6. (印花)輪廓。

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  1. I had two school uniforms, a green dress, a brown dress, and one dress with three rows of frills for sunday, too dressy for an interview

  2. Part ii sets forth the relation between exemplification and middle school english teaching, with a focus on the definition of exemplification as well as its function

  3. Because of collective social values and cultivating pressures, fixed regulations and inflexible uniforms in school campuses, conflict between individuals ' selves and externality during education and games, externality of bodies have not maturely yet developed in groups ; there is unclear knowledge about self - awareness and spirituality ? all the internal anxiety and emotional instability at that time still remain alive in individuals ' memories

  4. Girls school uniforms games - 4455 miniclip games

    女生校服小游戲- 4399小游戲
  5. Chapter 2, theoretical basis includes instructional design and its guidelines, the characteristics and requirements of english instruction in primary school, the definition of collaborative learning and its major concepts, and the value analysis of collaborative english teaching in primary school - - creating the appropriate cognitive and affective environment for young learners