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  • science: n 1 科學;科學研究。2 (一門)科學,學科。3 自然科學。4 學;學問;〈古語〉知識。5 (拳術、馬術等...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • technology: n. 1. 技術,工程,工藝。2. 製造學,工藝學。3. 術語(匯編)。
  • in: adv 1 朝里,向內,在內。 A coat with a furry side in有皮裡子的外衣。 Come in please 請進來。 The ...
  • japan: n 日本,日本國〈亞洲〉。 the Japan Current 日本海流,黑潮。 the Sea of Japan 日本海。n 1 日本漆;...

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  1. The thesis touches upon the communication system of agricultural science and technology in two rural communities of yichang, hubei province. based on the statistic analysis of the investigation, combined with " sociometry " and specific interview, employing the relevant theories of sociology, mass communication science and behavior science, it conducts the initial research about hubei province ' s communication system of agricultural science

  2. Develop binhai new area of tianjin, build new trunk line of science and technology in beijing - tianjin - tanggu region

  3. According with the specialty of the grinding productive line, the advanced agility and credible plc integrated control system is designed to in place of relay control system that owns bad reliability and bad alterability. the environment is improved. it also meets the tidal current of material transportation controlling, tally with the up trend of the science and technology in the sugar - refinery

  4. The essencial changes have taken place for the development of new science and technology in the sense of human being ' s time and space

  5. From 1996 to 1998, as a project manager, i finished the studies on simple constructed venturi water film scrubber desulphurization technology and equipment for small and medium _ sized coal _ fired power plant. such studies are one of the projects required to rack one ' s brain with emphasis by ministry of science and technology in " ninth _ five _ year " plan. on the basis of the aboved researches, being entrusted with jiangxi provencial electric power bureau and guizhou provincial electric power bureau, we conducted the engineering feasible researches and preliminary design for nanchang power power plant and guixi power plant in jiangxi province, guiyang power plant in guizhou province, yongji power plant and taiyuan thermal power plant no. 2 in shanxi province to use venturi water film scrubber simple constructed desulphurization technology. the major technical targets of above consultation are around 70 % of desulphurization rate and improved dust removal efficiencies comparing with original efficiencies. the key features of this new technology are advanced and practical, low in investment cost, small in land occupied, suit for renovating the existing power plant and suited to chinese conditions

    1998年完成了"九.五"國家科技攻關項目< >的開發工作.在此基礎上,受貴州省電力局,江西省電力局,山西省電力局的委託,分別對貴陽發電廠,南昌發電廠,貴溪發電廠,永濟發電廠,太原第二熱電廠等進行了簡易脫硫技術的工程可行性研究以及初步設計等.上述咨詢內容中的主要技術指標是脫硫效率達到70 %左右,並可提高原除塵器的除塵效率.有投資低,佔地面積小,適合老廠改造,技術先進實用等特點