scientific and technological work中文意思是什麼

scientific and technological work解釋

  • scientific: adj 1 (自然)科學(上)的,學術(上)的,科學性的;從事科學工作的。2 應用科學的。3 精通學理的,有...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • technological: adj. 技術[工程](上)的,技術學的。2. 因工藝技術高度發展而引起的。
  • work: n 1 工作,操作,勞動,作業;工件;功課;努力;行為,作用。2 (待辦的)事務,業務;職業。3 〈前有...

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  1. Haojieshi shoe cover dispenser co., ltd. which located in no. 11 kangming rd shongjiang jiufu shanghai, is that one collects streamlined enterprises of scientific research, production and sale. it specializes in producing shoe cover dispenser, the company developed independently the series of " haojieshi " - car and super thin automatic shoe cover machine, which depends on their own scientific and technological strength, it is one that meet the need of change shoes when enter the room. his appearance is small and exquisite and beautiful, it is only 11. 5 centimetres high, and extremely convenient to use. the only thing guest need to do is step on gently in shoe cover plane, there will be a lovely shoe cover suit under foot, sanitary and beautiful, at the same time it is very substantial, the most important thing is make us get rid of the trouble of change shoes when entering door, and never worry should lift foottoo high. also it have dispelled the beriberi that changes the shoes. it also prevents the constrained and awkward feeling while calling at friends house, extensively suitable for such places as the family, hospital, computer room, etc., it is the indispensable practical necessities in the daily life

  2. The research on epiglottic laryngoplasty after hemilaryn gectomy awarded the first prize for " guangxi scientific and technological progress " researchers discussing a research plan

  3. On intellective property right protection of scientific and technological achievement in universities

  4. As to the scientific and technological personnel of institutions of agricultural scientific research and relevant schools or colleges who are engaged in the work of agro - technical popularization, the practical achievements they have made in the work of agro - technical popularization shall be taken as major indicators for performance appraisal in determining and conferring academic and technical titles

  5. The state and the whole society shall respect knowledge, esteem talent, value the creative work of scientific and technological personnel, and protect intellectual property rights