音標 [saiən'tifik]
adj. 形容詞 1. (自然)科學(上)的,學術(上)的,科學性的;從事科學工作的。
2. 應用科學的。
3. 精通學理的,有學問的。
4. 合乎科學的;方法正確的;有系統的。
5. 有專長的。
6. 有本事的;技術純熟的;有技巧的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ically


    1. The zhengzhou east abstersion co. ltd is a high - tech chemical enterprise, which dedicates to scientific research, product development and sale, and washing services

    2. In the present study, aflp ( amplified fragment length polymorphism ) markers was used to examine population of abies yuanbaoshanensis in order to understand the level of population genetic variation and genetic structure. the result would help to evaluate its evolutionary potentiality and the degree of being endangered and could provide scientific basis for making right protection strategy. high - quality dna was extracted using ctab method from those tender leaves of forty - three fully - developed trees in population abies yuanbaoshanensis

      本研究選用一種高效的檢測遺傳變異的分子標記? ? aflp技術來分析元寶山冷杉種群的遺傳多樣性,旨在了解該種群在分佈區內的遺傳變異水平和遺傳結構情況;研究結果將有助於更清楚地認識這一瀕危類群的生存潛力和瀕危程度,而且可以為制定何種挽救和保護措施提供科學的依據。
    3. On the foundation of standardizing the conception of agrotechnical diffusion, this article indicates that the agricultural diffusion is an important method to quicken the transform of agricultural technology, a way for the science and technology to make the agriculture product be modern scientific, a mean to make progress of agriculture, rural area, and increasing the farmers ’ income

    4. But this scientific blaze at alexandria did not endure altogether for more than a century.

    5. Scientific cognition of restenosis after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty