scissors off中文意思是什麼

scissors off解釋

  • scissors: n. pl. 1. 〈亦可用作單數〉(一把)剪刀,剪子。2. 〈用作單數〉【體育】交叉,兩腿前後錯躍;【摔跤】=scissors hold. a pair of scissors 一把剪刀。
  • off: adv 1 〈運動〉向那邊,隔開。 be off 走,去,逃。 I must be off 我得走了。 Where are you off to 你...

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  1. So you can take that off his hands. - ( abigail ) thank you

  2. Willie accidentally let off his father's shotgun and made a hole in the wall.

  3. Ceibs international students acculturation programme kicked off

    中歐mba 「國際學生文化適應項目」正式啟動
  4. Water system. gas shut - off valve for water accumulator

    水系統.泵站用氣閘閥pn 20mpa
  5. Then with her little scissors, by the aid of a pocket looking - glass, she mercilessly nipped her eyebrows off, and thus insured against aggressive admiration she went on her uneven way