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  • scope: n 1 (活動)范圍。2 眼界,視界;視野;見識。3 力量,能力。4 發揮能力的「用武之地」,餘地;機會。5...
  • resolution: n 1 決心,果斷;堅定,剛毅。2 (議會等的)決定,決議(案);【法律】〈罕用語〉判決;(疑問等的)...
  • operator: n 1 操作者,機務員;司機,駕駛員;【軍事】電話兵;【電話】接線員,話務員(=telephone operator)...

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  1. All of above presents the data to study the algorithm which will be used to detect the targets against the broadened bragg lines. eigenstucture - based algorithms are used to realize bearing resolution on the basis of synthetically comparing several classical algorithms. first sea echo ’ s bearing prior knowledge is utilized to constitute project operator to constraint the noise subspace estimation with the use of constrained music algorithms, which largely increases the resolution and doa estimated accuracy

  2. The leec biochip can be connected with pcb ( printed circuit board ), thus it can generate a moving electric field by changing time, scope and field intensity discretionarily under single chip processor ' s control. meanwhile it is probable to reduce driving voltage and decrease temperature greatly, and so increase resolution of dna separation

    研究內容包括線性分散式電極陣列的理論設計,以普通載波片和有機高聚物pdms ( polydimethylsiloxane )為基本材料的晶元製作工藝, leec晶元和pcb板的連接方式,硬體控制系統的設計以及控制晶元工作的單片機程序編制等,此外還包括電化學檢測方法的研究。
  3. And by far, most theories of wavelet analysis are established in, but this method is rare to be known and exists defects in the reproducing kernel space with good properties. then in the reproducing kernel space, isometric isomorphism of relation is founded between and by differential operator. and starting from the haar basis, multi - resolution analysis inis gived by folding method ; then multi - resolution analysis and orthonormal wavelet in are obtained through integral transform from to. then the reproducing kernel space can be expressed by wavelet spaces

  4. Secondly, because the operator is associativity, so it is possible to avoid the boring complicated letters thirdly, because the association of resolution and paramodulation is generalized complete, we can use the infimum of the operator to gradually close the false level of cause set. so it is not necessary to choose threshold before resolution and paramodulation. the operator is got from every resolution and paramodulation

    其次,由於算于的運算適合結合律,因而可以避兔令人討厭的復雜文宇1v … kp ) … )口第三, bofl中的歸結和調解的結合是廣義完備的,可以用每次歸結和調解出來的下確界逐步逼近子句集的恆假水平,從而不必費心在調解前選擇合適的i 』刊b 。
  5. Global scope resolution operator