• sd: 辨別刺激


  1. Sd rats were housed in different regimes for at lest three weeks before experiment. animals of 3 weeks anaesthetized by ether in set conditions, were sampled from the scn and blood every four hours in a circadian day

  2. Leyva f, anker sd, godsland if, et al. uric acid in chronic heart failure : a marker of chronic inflammation. eur heart j, 1998, 19 : 1814

    楊麗霞,祝善俊,王先梅,等.心力衰竭患者細胞因子網路及內源性調控的變化.中華內科雜志, 2001 , 40 ( 10 ) : 660
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    馬耳他獨立網上,馬耳他- 2個小時前
  4. The dissertatio n constructs the index system, introduces the coefficients of development, coordination, fairness, and the coefficient of sd, which is composed by the former three and can reflects the sd overall strength of watershed, brings forward the quantative criteria of in order that the research of wrcc is based on the good watershed ecology and environment, the dissertation, according to the ecological appropriate theory, builds the logarithm normal distribution model about the relation between the growth of natural vegetation and the depth of groundwater ; based on this relation model, proposes a quantitative method of ecological water requirement ( ewr ) of natural vegetation in arid area, which utilizes the results of rs technique and the spot testing data of vegetative physiology demand

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