• sd: 辨別刺激


  1. Based on the principle of advance, adaptive, reliability, high efficiency and flexibility, the general configuration strategy and the key technology has been deeply analyzed and optimized with the systematic and community in general and adaptive and contraposition in detail. the harmonic in both respects has been realized technically and the contradiction between adaptive and community solved. with the synthetic developing tool based on the database, the capp system called synthetic development capp ( sd - capp ) which is of the properties of synthetic, modular redeveloped and integrated has been developed

    本論文以提高系統的先進性和實用性以及高效,靈活為基本原則,對capp的總體構成策略及其關鍵技術進行了深入地分析和優化,宏觀上充分體現系統性和通用性,微觀上切實體現針對性和適應性,技術上實現二者的協調統一,較好地處理了適應性與通用性這對既相互關聯、又相互制約的矛盾;採用基於數據庫的綜合開發工具模式,研究並開發了綜合式、模塊化、具有二次開發和一定集成功能的capp系統? ?基於數據庫的典型零件capp綜合開發系統( syntheticdevelopmentcapp ) ( sd - capp ) 。
  2. Effect of tramsplantation of bone marrow stromal stem cells into contused spinal cord in adult sd rats on expression of brain - derived neurotrophic factor

  3. The tea - bag packing machine model sd - dpc - 6 have general functions such as automatic ration filling, heat - sealing of tea bag, automatic plastering cotton thread and tag, envelope is cold - sealed by tow - side in longitudinal direction

  4. Further experimental investigation and theoretical analysis on the structure and properties of undoped and doped polyaniline are carried out by using several inspecting methods and instruments. using fuming sulfuric acid sulfonating emeraldine base ( eb ), sulfonated polyaniline ( span ) is synthesized. the results show that it has higher solubility and good conductivity, span with different sulfonation. degree ( sd ) possesses different conductivity

  5. Observe gvhd for 60 days. the results showed that mouse lymphoid cells were present in the sd rats detected by fluorescence activated cell sorter ( facs ) for morn than 90 days. the chimeric rates were 18 % - 45 %, 7 % - 23 %, 2 % - 8 % on day 30, 60, 90 respectively

    隨著時間的推移,嵌合率逐漸下降。骨髓移植后60天及90天的嵌合率分別為7 - 23 , 2 8 。