seafarers exit approval document中文意思是什麼

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  • exit: n 1 出口,出路,太平門。2 【電學】引出端;排氣管。3 外出;離去;死亡;【戲劇】退場(opp entrance...
  • approval: n. 1. 贊成,同意。2. 批準;認可。
  • document: n 1 文獻,文件;公文。2 證件,證書,憑證。3 記錄影片,記實小說。4 【航海】船舶執照。vt 1 用文件[...

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  1. If the applicant fails to apply for business commencement upon the completion of the preparation stage or the extended preparation stage, the original approval document for the preparation shall become void automatically

  2. Article 21 whenever an enterprise as a legal person is to cancel its registration, it must submit an application signed by its legal representative, a document of approval issued by the department in charge or by the authority for examination and approval, a certificate showing the completion of the clearing up of its liabilities, or a document showing that a liquidation organization will be responsible for clearing up its creditor ' s rights and liabilities

  3. Workplace documents features include document review and approval, versioning, search, and private drafts

    Workplace documents功能包括文檔檢查和審批、版本化、搜索和私人草稿。
  4. You may submit the application form for a driving test for the class stated in the approval letter together with the relevant document and a copy of approval letter

  5. Blue key has seven new food sources of marine foods : marine functional foods have obtained the approval document of provincial department of public health ; two marine functional ( health ) foods have obtained the approval document of state food and drug administration ; four ocean functional ( health ) foods are being taken the experiment of test meal for human body function in hospital

    藍鑰匙有7個海洋新食源? ?海洋機能食品獲省衛生廳生產批文; 2個海洋功能(保健)食品獲國家食品藥品管理局批文; 4個海洋功能(保健)食品正進入醫院進行人體功能試食試驗。