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search loop解釋

  • search: vt 1 搜查;檢查(身體、衣袋等);搜索,搜尋;找;尋找。2 調查;查究;探求;追求;根究 (into)。3...
  • loop: n 1 (用線、帶等打成的)圈,環,匝,框,環孔,線圈;【醫學】(常 the loop)宮內避孕環。2 環狀物,...

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  1. Objective to search antioxidant compounds from acanthus ilicifolius l

  2. Search operation in hei ling chau addiction treatment centre

  3. This explanation has been useful in guiding the search for improved adhesion promoters.

  4. The best optimum mathematical model is constituted. scalar factor of structural parameter on loop rectangular negative pressure and adsorption slide is calculated. structural parameter, air gas source pressure carrying capacity and thickness of air cell are made sure by hydrodynamics and the theory of gas lubrication

  5. Then, the associated search optimal algorithm based on virtual avl tree is promoted to rapidly reconstruct the half - edge topological structure. 3. to rebuild the tooth surface from the littery measure data, the membrane deformation algorithm based on loop subdivision is given to fit density triangle meshes to subdivision surface

    前者巧妙、高效地完成了去除冗餘點的工作,將stl數據的存儲尺寸壓縮為原來的18 % 25 % ;後者完成了數據的半邊拓撲重建,使得后續對于邊界邊搜索、 1環鄰域搜索顯示出較好的優勢,實現了三角網格模型的快速拓撲重建。