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  1. Bach. . as in johann sebastian. classical composer

  2. I responded, " the designer leads a simple life and she shares her money with the poor. besides, it is very important that this kind of beauty is in the world because it was created by the designer s deepest yearning to touch people s souls. the last supper, by leonardo da vinci has been pleasing generations and who thinks of a price while hearing johann sebastian bach s cantatas ?

  3. There was also a kind of insane and endearing orderliness about sebastian's choice, in his extremity, of an open window.

  4. Sebastian, run the thermometer under the hot tap

  5. “ i will field the players who have had less opportunities to play so far, ” added deschamps, who is set to field primavera starlet sebastian giovinco

    "我將會讓到目前為止比較少機會亮相的球員上場比賽, "德尚說,他準備讓青年隊的小天才吉奧文科派上場