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  • second: adj 1 第二的;第二次的;二等(的)。2 次等的;較差的;劣於…的 (to)。3 〈美國〉較年輕的。4 另一...
  • author: n. 1. 著者,作家。2. 著作物,作品。3. 創造者;發起人。vt. 〈美國〉1. 寫,寫作。2. 創造,創始。 author a book 寫一本書。3. 【自動化】(在計算機上)製作(網頁)。

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  1. It expounds the origin of bankruptcy administrator system, gives a general introduction to specific bankruptcy administrator system of such countries like germany, japan, us and uk, etc, and makes summaries and comments on the history and status quo of our bankruptcy administrator system, thus it provides a solid theoretical foundation for the following discussion. in the second section, the author discusses the nature and status of bankruptcy administrator. on the basis of introduction, comparison and evaluation of various theories of legal systems of civil law and common law, this paper comes up with the view point that it is appropriate for china to establish the bankruptcy administrator system with the trustee system as its core, it redefines the bankruptcy administrator and provides theoretical base point for the perfection of the bankruptcy administrator system in china

  2. The second chapter is a main part of the thesis. in this part, the author analyzed elaborately and concretely the situation and its reasons of cgs after m & a between multinational capital, state - owned capital and individual capital

  3. In the second part of the article, the author introduces the comparison of system of constitution litigation in our country with system in foreign countries. at present, there are four kinds of system of constitution litigation in the world including the kind of general court, the kind of constitutional court, the kind of joint investigation of constitutional committee and administrative court, the kind of joint investigation of parliament and general court

  4. Following the second author ' s first understanding, longchuan ' s huangbu, sidu, chetian, tuocheng are all colloquial dialects, with sidu and tuocheng being quite close colloquial dialects

  5. But if you do that, you need to repeat an identical pubid, date, and title just to mention a second author

    但如果這樣做的話,只是為了談及第二個作者,就需要重復相同的pubid 、 date和title 。