secondary sear中文意思是什麼

secondary sear解釋

  • secondary: adj 1 第二(位)的,第二次的;中級的 (opp primary)。2 副(的);從屬的;附屬的;輔助的;補充的...
  • sear: adj 〈詩〉乾枯的;干癟的;枯萎的。 the sear and yellow leaf 〈比喻〉老年;老境。vt 1 使乾枯;使凋...

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  1. Pachydermoperiostosis ( pdp ) is a rare disease that may mimic secondary hypertrophic osteoarhropathy or acromegaly

  2. Introduction a series of pathological, physiological and biochemical changes occur after brain injury. all these changes are called secondary changes and can do secondary injury to the brain

    前言腦外傷( traumaticbraininjury , tbi )是暴力因素所致各器官損傷中引起死亡的主要原因之一,在暴力死中占首要位置。
  3. Both the alcohols and aldehydes are secondary products of the oxidation.

  4. Experiences of li guangrong in treating secondary amenorrhea

  5. The current transformer is fully enclosed structure. the primary and secondary windings and iron core are insulated by epoxy resin. it has a good ability of antipollution and moisture proof